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    Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots)

    Immunotherapy is the most efficient and effective treatment for people with severe allergies. It modifies the body’s response to allergens by preventing the allergic cascade. This means that you can control your allergies without medications. The ingredients in immune therapy come from natural sources. Results can be quickly achieved and last for years after the treatment is stopped. Allergy shots are given for 3-5 years, with monthly injections during the maintenance phase of treatment. The initial phase, or “buildup” phase lasts for two months. During buildup, allergy injections are generally given weekly. Allergy shots are covered by most insurance plans. Continue to read below about rush immunotherapy, our most popular schedule.

    Allergy Shots - Redding Allergy Specialists

    Rush Immunotherapy

    A form of rapid desensitization in which you receive several allergy shots in one day, for a total of two treatment days, spread over two weeks. While in the office, you will have a private, comfortable room, where you can use our Wi-Fi, read, watch TV, work, or just relax. The convenience, and rapid relief of symptoms, are what make patients choose this schedule. Rush immunotherapy is covered by most insurance plans.

    Rush Immunotherapy - Redding Allergy Specialists

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