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    It is important to know whether or not you have asthma, and, what the triggers are for your asthma. We use a combination of history-taking, physical exam, and breathing testing to diagnose asthma. All asthmatics should also have allergy skin testing in order to determine if allergies are contributing to their asthma. Most asthmatics also have allergies. When your asthma is well-controlled, you should breathe easily. If you are using a “rescue” albuterol inhaler more than twice per week, your asthma is not well-controlled. And, treating your allergies is the first step you can take to controlling your asthma. Find out how we can help you breathe easier – schedule an appointment today!

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    If there is any concern that you or your child has asthma, then we will perform spirometry testing. A spirometer is a hand-held device that tests lung function. According to national guidelines, people with asthma should have spirometry testing at least twice per year.

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